Ahn Gyeong-jeon
His Holiness the Jongdosanim

His Holiness the Jongdosanim established the Jeung San Do movement in 1974. In 1977 he experienced the great spirituality of the renewal of Heaven, Earth, and Humanity.

He authored numerous books during the tumultuous times of the 1980s, including The Truth of Jeung San Do (1981) and This is Gaebyeok (1982).

During the early 2000s, Jongdosanim founded the SangSaeng Research Institute and the STB Broadcasting Company to present the vision of mutual life-giving and life-saving to the world.

Since 2010, Jongdosanim has been traveling the world giving lectures on the lost spiritual and meditation teachings of Korea. Today he runs Jeung San Do centers around the world. These centers teach meditation and ways of life that heal people and the world.

Taeeulju Mantra

훔치 훔치 태을천 상원군
Hoom-chi Hoom-chi Tae-eul-cheon Sang-won-gun
훔리치야도래 훔리함리 사파하
Hoom-ri-chi-ya-do-rae Hoom-ri-ham-ri-sa-pa-ha