Meditation Experience

It started with a burning sensation all along my spine and on the top of my head..

It started with a burning sensation all along my spine and on the top of my head. Since I had never chanted before I had no idea what I was feeling. I began to shed my outermost layer of clothing in an effort to cool down. This, of course, did not help. At one point, the heat in the room became too intense that I quickly opened my eyes to see what was going on. For a moment, I thought that the candles in the front of the room had started a fire. By the end of the meditation, the initial discomfort I felt was replaced by a strong feeling of inner peace and joyfulness that seemed to permeate every fiber of my being. It was only after a discussion of my experience at the end of the workshop that I realized what I had been feeling was the powerful healing energy of Taeeulju Mantra. The powerful healing energy of the Taeeulju Mantra has helped me heal not only my spirit but my physical body as well. Within a month of chanting Taeeulju Mantra I was also able to dissolve a fibroid growth that I had been suffering from for many years.

by Carol Ann Daniel / New York, NY

There was no cancer present in any of the tissues’ samples

On March 13, 1996, a biopsy diagnosed my having prostate cancer at a level that required immediate surgery. After going through a period of severe depression, I failed to follow through on a series of tests to determine if the cancer had spread. I managed, with the help of my sister, to get out of the house and attend the New Age Expo. Here, I experienced a Taeeulju Mantra Meditation that aroused my curiosity and interest. I became more focused and decided, rather than do nothing, participate in the nine-week healing meditation workshops. During the period of the workshop series, I received healings and played the healing meditation tape at night while I slept. My spirits uplifted a little. They really soared when I received the results of the second biopsy that revealed there was no cancer present in any of the tissues’ samples.

by Cliff Pauling / Bronx, NY

I sometimes see rays of light and experience and
emotional release of joy

Before I began Taeeulju Mantra meditation, I had a begin breast tumor about one inch in diameter. After three days of chanting and receiving Taeeulju Mantra Healing, my tumor had completely disappeared. It felt as if my energy was being purified and transformed. I felt a release of negative energies and an opening feeling inside my heart.

by Rhonda Lee Jessum / Los Angeles, CA

The room was full of our love and trust for each other..

My mother called me one afternoon with a tone of shock and panic. She had a mammogram earlier that day and a lump in her breast was found. The doctors wanted to move quickly, scheduling appointments for various tests and treatments which would cause emotional as well as physical pain and stress. We talked for a while as the conversation evolved to the Taeeulju Mantra. Mom has been to some workshops and knew the mantra. I suggested that I go to her house so we could conduct a Taeeulju Mantra Healing Ritual. The next afternoon we conducted the ritual. My mother and I are very close, but the two of us chanting together was powerful and touching. As mother and daughter, the bonding that occurred was magical. Nothing existed but two of us, the Taeeulju Mantra energy and our spiritual help. The room was full of our love and trust for each other and what we were doing. It was an experience we will always remember. The tests were re-taken at another facility with state-of-the-art equipment. Good News! Her lump was gone!

by Lisa Totten / San Francisco, CA

I felt an enormous energy penetrating into my feet and into the top of my head..

The following are stories of marvelous experiences that practitioners from Jeung San Do Dojangs around the country have had during their Taeeulju Mantra and dynamic meditations. After my serious car accident, one day I became very angry and said, “Enough already, I’m not going to take any pain killers today.” That day, with much pain in my body, I went to bed and played the Taeeulju Mantra Meditation Healing tape. After a few minutes, I felt an enormous energy penetrating into my feet and into the top of my head, and then it filled my entire body. The next day I was able to walk, and what a blessing it was, not to have any pain in my body. As I continued to meditate little by little, I had returned to my normal self.

by Norma Luz Diaz / New York, NY